FarmFriend milk! Natural milk by Trickling Springs Creamery!

FarmFriend, Natural products by Trickling Springs Creamery
When the creamery started in 2001, we opened with the concept of quality, minimally-processed milk from local grass-fed farms. Our goal was to be able to offer Certified Organic & Natural dairy products so we introduced Trickling Springs Creamery Organic and Trickling Springs Creamery Natural milk. You have showed us you love our milk and we have been able to support good environmental land practices, humane animal treatment and nutritious food production. In an effort to make our message clearer and more focused we have decided to rebrand our Natural milk lineup.


Two great brands by Trickling Springs Creamery

The first question we’ve been getting from many of you has been,

Is this the same milk I’ve been getting for years?

I’m happy to assure you that YES it is!
This is the same great milk that you have been used to getting with brand new packaging! You can visit our FarmFriend page on this website to learn more about the standards we hold to for our natural milk line or visit our FarmFriend facebook page to follow our farmers and the things going on at the creamery!

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