FarmFriend Natural Milk

FarmFriend natural milk by Trickling Springs Creamery

Trickling Springs Creamery is excited to introduce FarmFriend as the rebrand of our Trickling Springs Natural milk line.

Our goal is to bring you fresh, grass fed milk from local family farms that are doing an exceptional job of producing quality milk. FarmFriend will bring you closer to those farmers by highlighting their farms and showing you what they’re doing. We are bottling milk from farmers you can learn to know by “visiting” their farms online. These farms hold to high standards in the following areas: Environmental stewardship of their ecosystems, Humane animal treatment as well as Safe and fair working conditions for their employees! They also have a very strict set of milk quality guidelines (up to four times more strict than federal guidelines*).

*as measured by SCC & SPC counts

Trickling Springs Creamery’s goal is to highlight this great milk that our farmers bring us and not destroy its integrity! When we receive the milk from our farmers we minimally process it using low-temp pasteurization and simple ingredients.

We are certified by Food Alliance!
To see a list of Food Alliance’s required standards click on their logo to the right:

Here are the standards we guarantee as a minimum for FarmFriend products:

  • No comingled milk – all of the milk comes from FarmFriend farmers, identifiable inspected farms
  • Traceability & Transparency
  • Environmental stewardship of the farms ecosystem
  • Humane Animal treatment
  • Cows are grass fed have free access to pasture year round. We allow minimal use of grain to balance the cows diet for their body condition. The amount of grain used is restricted so it will not be used to boost the cows production.
  • NO rBST or other synthetic hormones given to any of our animals
  • Antibiotic use is rare, only when necessary to return a sick animal back to full health; if used the milk is always discarded for a length of time that exceeds the minimum guidelines set by the FDA
  • Locally produced & processed
  • Low-temp pasteurization
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Worker welfare at all stages in the chain

We are establishing a website for you to follow your farmers and their cows!
Until then follow us on our FarmFriend facebook page!

18 Responses to “FarmFriend Natural Milk”

  • Ellen Adajian:

    We’ve enjoyed your milk for a couple of years. We buy it from Atwaters, Baltimore Food Co-op, and Eddie’s of Roland Park, and (I think) Springfield Farm. Mostly we use the whole milk, but we’ve liked the skim milk as well (surprised how creamy it is). We use your milk in cooking and baking, in our morning coffee, and sometimes just as a nice glass of cold milk. Great milk, love the glass bottles, always recommending it to others.

    More than all that, we want you to know that your standards are of great importance. Good farming, decent treatment of the land and animals, and respect for all who do the work: that’s what makes your milk really taste good!

  • Vivian Golden:

    I bought some of your farm friend goat milk this evening at MOM”s natural food in Columbia,Md. However, i do not see any information about newly packaged goat milk as i have seen before in the old containers. I noticed the goat milk stated it was non- homogenized which is different form your previous milk i have bought in the short,fat containers. Why is it now non-homogenized, and are your goats grass fed. Additionally, do you use the low temp pasteurization on the new goats milk. Is this milk the same as what you were selling in the short fat pint size plastic containers. Thanks for your time, and i love your goat milk!

  • Joe:

    Hi Vivian,
    Thanks for your support. I’m glad you noticed some of the new things about our goat milk and hope you’re enjoying them. In the past we we’re just distributing someone else’s goat milk. We have now partnered with a local goat farmer to bottle goat milk for us. The benefit we now have is we can assure you that certain standards are being held! This wasn’t a problem in the past but we couldn’t get the bottler to put on the bottles that the goats weren’t given any synthetic hormones. Now we KNOW they aren’t and we can put that assurance on the bottle. The other big thing was now all the goats have access to pasture! In the past most of the goats did have access to pasture but it wasn’t a held to standard as it is now.

    Being a smaller farmer they can’t homogenize the milk as the larger processor did but we felt this was something most of our customers would understand given the benefits.

    Lastly in answer to the low-temp pasteurization, yes all of our milk is minimally pasteurized to ensure the least damage possible to the milk.

    Thanks again for your interest,

  • Cindy sussman:

    Hi! I just started drinking your hoat milk for it’s nutritional benefits. I have an immune deficiency and read that goats milk is the most to human milk. My question is, What is “low temperature” pasteurization? How high is the temperature and for how long? I need the antibodies in the milk but can’t risk getting any bacteria.
    Thank you!

  • Joe:

    Hi Cindy,
    We pasteurize it at 160F – 165F for 15 seconds. This is according to Federal standards and would be considered completely safe to drink.

    Thanks for your interest & support,

  • Kathy:

    Dear Farm Friends

    I discovered your bottled (a real bottle!) buttermilk at Whole Foods in Darien, and it was the best buttermilk I’ve had in many many years – the kind sold in cartons just doesn’t compare, and tastes mostly of salt! not cultured buttermilk.

    I would appreciate seeing it at the Whole Foods in Greenwich as well – that’s my local store.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Gail:

    I don’t see your whole milk, non-homogenized Goat’s Milk listed under your ‘Products’ tab at the top of your webpage today. I was able to get info about your Goats Milk product on your webpage during the week-end. I want to direct a friend to that info as I love your whole milk Goat’s Milk. Thank You.

  • Diane Stormer:

    Thank you for offering goats milk! I just now happened to stumble across it at Whole Foods Market in the Kentlands. I had been driving to Pennsylvania to buy raw goats milk, (strictly for personal consumption) and am thrilled to be able to find fresh goats milk locally. Even though I do prefer raw milk, I’m still very pleased that you process it with as little heating as is necessary to meet pasteurization standards, and that it is not homogenized.

    I “eat” via a feeding tube due to a neurological problem, and make my own blended food rather than using “medical liquid food” aka canned formula. Goats milk does not seem to create an increase in mucous production, which is a problem with cows milk for me. I mainly make kefir with it, and have it every day as the backbone of my breakfast blend.

    I’m so happy to not have to resort to using powdered goats milk :) or making such a long drive to buy it.

  • Pat:

    absolutely fantastic I used the organic whole milk today to make mozzarella—Jersey does not allow raw milk this is the closest I have found

  • Kelly:

    Just started buying this milk at Heyser Farms, and it’s excellent. I usually buy two glass-bottled half-gallons so that I can return the bottles later. I will be buying this milk from now on! Plus, their chocolate milk is incredible!!

  • Dee:

    I just bought a bottle of your egg nog for the first time and it is AWESOME!!! I stopped drinking eggnog years ago because of the crappy ingredients in all the commercial eggnogs. I sometimes buy Trickling Springs buttermilk at my local Whole Foods, but today was the first time I’d seen the eggnog. I added a bit of nutmeg, cinnamon and some cognac and it was Delicious! Thank You for raising your cows on grass, the way God meant cows to be fed and for using low-heat pasturization. Bless you & everyone at your farm for providing such healthful dairy products.

  • Hello,

    I wanted to thank you for having your pasture-raised GOAT milk at Whole Foods in South Florida.

    Best regards,

    Bryan Russell

  • Alison:


    Is your milk organic? It used to be labeled organic and now it’s not. Why?

  • Joe:

    Hi Alison,
    Yes, we certianly do still offer Organic Milk. What you’re looking at on this page is our FarmFriend milk, which is our non-certified organic grass fed milk. Read the page to go over the standards we hold for our FarmFriend Farms.
    For information on our Certified Organic milk go to:

    Thanks for your support and for the question.

  • Anthony Rohas:

    Hi, I was at my local grocery store when I first saw your product….I got one bottle of regular milk, just to try !!! Let me say it, I was skeptic about your milk, the first thing I notice was the strange flavor for my taste, but, maybe the case I got use to others companies milk flavors….I grew up in farm next to the cows, milk for me was like regular water for others…. It took me a few glass of milk to realize is like the milk I drunk back home. Good job!!!
    Thank you for take care of people by doing the right thing.

  • Sandra hall:

    I just picked up a half gallon of your goats milk, and am very pleased with the flavor. I raised my daughter on raw goats milk and am glad to hear you use low heat for the pasteurization. I was so happy to find that our local butcher shop in Fredericksburg va carried goats milk and I can now put my order in each week with them. Thanks again for a great product.

  • Heidi:

    I just wanted to write and say that I think your goat milk is delicious. I saw it at my local store this summer, and bought a half gallon to try. Since then, I’ve been buying it regularly. I use it to make yogurt, and the yogurt it makes is so thick and creamy! Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • Jean Hopkins:

    Dear Trickling Springs, my 11 month-old-granddaughter will be visiting from Texas over Thanksgiving and her parents feed her a formula they make with a base of low heat pasteurized goats milk. I set out yesterday to try to find some around Bethesda, and was delighted to discover that the MOM’s store in Rockville carries your Farm Friend goats’ milk. I also checked Whole Foods and the Bethesda Coop, but all they carry is an ultra pasteurized brand. Thank you for offering this great product and for helping my granddaughter flourish!

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