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Trickling Springs Creamery is excited to introduce Trickling Springs ORGANIC as our organic milk line.

Since 2001 we have enjoyed working with local farmers that were doing an awesome job at producing high quality ORGANIC milk by grass-feeding their cows, allowing them to roam the pasture and taking very good care of their animals. These farmers do not use any type of synthetic hormones to boost milk production or growth, they use no antibiotics and they respect the land and natural ecological system by not using harmful herbicides or pesticides. Not all of these farms were certified organic when we began purchasing their milk but many were working their way towards being certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic. We pay these family farmers very well, allowing them to continue farming on their farms that are rich with their family heritage. Cliff & Maggie Hawbaker’s farm has been in their family for six generations; another of our farmer’s land (Edwin & Dawn Shank) has been in their family for five generations. We take great pride in being part of the history of farming in our area and being able to support good environmental practices and animal welfare by the standards we require for our Trickling Springs ORGANIC Milk!PCO certifies Trickling Springs Organic

We certify our Organic milk through Pennsylvania Certified Organic!!
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Here are the standards we guarantee as a minimum for Trickling Springs ORGANIC products:

  • Cows are grass-fed*
    *we allow minimal grain feeding for the cows body condition
  • The cows are on pasture all of the time during the grass growing season
  • Traceability & Transparency
  • Environmental stewardship of the farms ecosystem
  • NO rBST or other synthetic hormones given to any of our animals
  • NO Antibiotic use
  • Heritage breed cows
  • Humane Animal treatment
  • Low-temp pasteurization
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Worker welfare at all stages in the chain

29 Responses to “Trickling Springs Organic”

  • Yay! We just got our first delivery today of the non-homogenized Trickling Springs Organic whole milk, as well as the organic half and half, organic heavy cream, and organic chocolate milk! So glad to be able to offer this quality milk to our customers here at Rebecca’s Natural Food in Charlottesville VA :)

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  • Cecily VanHouten:

    Do your farmers milk their cows while the cow is pregnant? I’ve read that the cows produce more hormones while pregnant, especially late stage, which is passed to their milk.

  • Joe:

    Great question! Our farmers quit milking their cows 6 – 12 weeks before they freshen. This is primarily to give them a “vacation” and allow them to rest before they have their next calf.

    Thanks for your interest,

  • Tony:

    I’ve been waiting for a product like this for some time. I saw this at the store and decided to give it a try. I was surprised how big of a difference there was in the taste, this milk was the best i’ve ever tasted!! I’m only 24, but I drank alot of milk growing up. I stopped drinking milk when I learned of how much of its benefits are lost through harsh pasteurization. I was also turned off by the fact that some local dairy farms were feeding their cows defective candy and pasta from nearby factories; just to fatten them up on the cheap. All I know is this milk was really great, and I feel good knowing that the people who harvest it care about how healthy of a product they put out there.

    One thing I would ask is that you could try to get this milk available in Connecticut. Otherwise, Great Job!!

  • Yusuf:

    Do you guys add any sort of sugar or sweetener to your milk?

  • Joe:

    Hi Yusuf,
    We definately do not. We do as little to our milk as possible, using no additives except Vitamin A&D in the 2% & Nonfat as required by law.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Joe:

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the feedback! I’m happy to say that we are now available in the Whole Foods in southern Connecticut!!

  • Mrs. BlkAngl L. Bradshaw-Koo:

    Re: I Love This Milk! I Love This Milk!! I Love This Milk!!! ^_^ {Trickling Springs Creamery Grass Fed Cows Milk 64 US OZ Glass Bottle}

    For years I could not drink milk due to my lactose intolerance. Last year, my current Health Practitioner informed me that I can actually safely digest dairy if it is from 100% Grass Fed Cows. I highly doubted this at first. So I slowly introduced my body to minimum Grass Fed Dairy products, such as yogurt and cheese only. Then one day, my Mother gifted me a glass bottle of Trickling Springs Creamery Grass Fed Cows Milk. I was very hesitant to drink it at first since straight milk usually causes me to experience diarrhea and at worst vomiting, so I let it sit in my fridge for sometime. Then I decided to bite the bullet and take a swig. Hmmm…not bad…not bad at all! I waited a moment for any side effects to occur. None happened after 30 minutes, so I felt safe to drink some more. Before I new it, the bottle was finished and I was begging my Mom and Husband to get me more. Now I can’t get enough of this milk! Really! One bottle only lasts two days in my fridge. Thank You TSC & Thank You Whole Foods for providing this fine product! ^_^

  • Any:

    I very much enjoy your milk! I buy it where I live at Mom’s Organic Market in Jessup, MD. My baby is 7 months old and I am happy to know I will be able to give her a good milk product when she is ready for it. (She is lucky because she has a baby cow in Honduras and will get to try the real thing unpasteurized one day, too!) Anyways, I was wondering if you add Vitamin A&D to your whole milk? I see on here that it’s added to the 2% and nonfat.

    Thanks! And keep up the good work!


  • Joe:

    No, we do not add any additives (including Vitamin A&D) to our Whole Milks.
    Thanks for your support,

  • Marcella Agh:

    Being raised in Hungary, me and my husband are used to the kind of milk that goes bad within two/three days and when it does, it turns sour and not bitter, as it has no chemicals in it. Although we have been living in the US for almost 20 years, we never found a milk tasting nearly as good as the Hungarian milk we were used to, until we were introduced to your Organic Whole Milk. Now it is THE ONLY milk we ever buy, period. I wish you had organic sour cream and organic butter, too :)! Thank you for making us happy and keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,


  • Amber S.:

    Hello! I’m pleased with the taste and quality of your half and half. In addition to trying to limit antibiotics and chemicals in my food, I’m concerned about the horrific conditions in the dairy industry and hope that your farmers do better by their cows. Do you ensure humane standards for your participating farms, or is it just more of the same cruel treatment?

  • i love your milk in glass bottles that i get from my whole foods in princeton, nj. i wonder how much grain you allow in your cows diet. what does it mean that you we “allow minimal grain feeding for the cows body condition.” If”the cows are on pasture all of the time during the grass growing season” is it only when they can’t be grass fed? but why grain and not just hay.

    thanks so much for supplying great dairy.

  • Joe:

    I’ll try to answer your question here. I will comment that the question is very broad and I’d encourage you to come visit our farms if you get a chance. To schedule such a trip you can email

    Our farmers are all family farms and take a lot of pride in their animals and farms. Most were grass feeding their cows before they started selling to us because they had already realized that that is where the cow is the happiest and healthiest! Our farmers give their cows access to the pasture year round and the cows feed predominately off of the pasture during the grass growing season. We do allow our farmers to feed a minimal amount of grain if needed for the cows nutritional needs. A cow produces the best milk the more she is on pasture and eating grass, however if the grass is not energy rich enough at any time (due to climate conditions or the type of grass they’re eating at that moment) we don’t want the cow to suffer. Minimal grain gives the cows that energy boost needed.

    All of our farmers use automated milking systems that take gentle care of the cow and ensure the best udder health. The milk goes directly from the udder to a cooler that cools the milk between 40* – 50*F. Then it goes to a tank where it is cooled below 40*F. This ensures the milks safety and best flavor for us to enjoy.

    We are in the process of certifying all of our farms for the high standards they take in animal welfare. One of the farmers has already completed this process and the rest are in process. We are being certified by Food Alliance. You can read more about them at

    Thanks for your interest!

  • KAB:

    Hello, I would like to know if your Organic Milk is GMO free? Thanks!!

  • Beth Azrael:

    Is there a nutritional difference between your Cream Line Whole Milk and your Whole Milk? I love both, but I’m wondering if the Cream Line Whole Milk is healthier for me.

  • T Foxx:

    I LOVE LOVE your organic whole milk…..why?? It taste good; its cause no gas, bloating, etc. and helping me lose weight. I buy 3 to 5 1/2 gal a week at Whole Foods. This week trickling shelves was empty, WF said there is shortage…..I bummed :(

  • Nicola:

    I came across this wonderful milk for the first time yesterday Jan 18, 2014 at my local grocery store in Queens, NY. I was so excited to find it. This is absolutely the best milk I have ever tasted in my adult life, and believe me, I have tried them all and this is the BEST. I couldn’t wait to try this milk in my coffee this morning and I could definitely taste a significant difference in the taste of my coffee. My beloved father was a farmer and so I grew up drinking high-quality organic milk directly from grass-feeding cows, and so I know exactly what high-quality milk tastes like, and this is it!

    I greatly appreciate the attention your company pays to environmental standards and practices, and the hard work you put into making sure high-quality organic milk are available to consumers. Thank you.

    Best wishes,

  • Alek:

    I keep seeing assertions that non-fat and lowfat milks all have dried milk added. But I didn’t see anything about that on your Production page, and it’s not in the ingredients. I hope I’m not belaboring the point, but can you confirm that nothing’s added?

  • Joe:

    Thanks for asking because I love answering your question. We do not add any powders or dried milk to our Nonfat milk. We take the fat out of our Whole milk, add Vitamin A & D (as required by law) and sell it. You likely will notice a huge difference in the taste as well.
    Thanks again, I hope this answers your question.

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  • Gautam:

    I really enjoy your glass bottled milk sold at wholes foods in new York city. So hard to find milk with love and care for the land, animals and people. With more and more awareness on A1 and A2 proteins in milk, one being harmful and other being beneficial, please share more about the Heritage cows from farms you source milk from. Do most farms use Heritage cows? And another question I have is do you supply unhomogenized milk in new york city? Keep up the wonderful work!!

  • Liz:

    How can you say the milk is low temp pasteurized? I thought to be low temp the milk was heated to 145* for 30 minutes, HTST around 165 for 2 minutes. I love your milk and half and half (Farm Fresh), but am curious about pasteurization.

  • Tom:

    I saw that MOM’s has the creamline whole milk in plastic gallon containers as well as the glass bottles. Is there a difference between these or is it the same product? Is there any advantage of the glass over plastic?

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  • Lauri Shapiro:

    Your website displays the “Pennsylvania certified organic” logo, is your Organic milk line also “USDA certified organic”. If not, what USDA certified organic guidelines do you not follow? Thanks, Lauri

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