In 2001 when we started we did not have our certification yet so we offered our fresh milk from grass fed cows as a non-certified organic milk. When we received our certification we realized two things. First we had customers that wanted quality dairy foods from farms that held high standards but didn’t necessarily feel it needed to be certified organic. Second we realized that this was an excellent way to support farmers in organic transition. We require all of our farmers to hold to strict standards of animal welfare, land eco-sustainability, and milk quality. We treat this milk the same as we treat our organic milk. Our FarmFriend milk is minimally processed with simple ingredients. Support our community of family farms as they improve their farms and take them from conventional to sustainable.

Watch Let the Cows Out where we feature one of our Trickling Springs Organic Farms.


  • Non-GMO Glass Bottled Milk
  • Grass Fed Cows
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Minimally processed