Yogurt Smoothie

12 OZ

Would you like your yogurt to be portable? Do you want a quick tasty way to get your calcium, probiotics, and the many other essential nutrients found in milk? But, without all of the added sugar, thickeners, or stabilizers typically found in flavored milk or yogurts? Try Trickling Springs Organic Yogurt Smoothies! Made with fresh milk from 100% grass fed cows that is naturally cultured for 12+ hours. The fruit flavored yogurts we offer are naturally flavored with real organic fruit purees and concentrates for an authentic fruit flavor without any of the typical additives. In 2014 the Unsweetened Plain flavor won first place in the American Cheese Society competition. Due to the natural sweetness in milk from grass fed cows the Unsweetened Plain is very enjoyable by itself or blended with fresh fruits or vegetables.


  • Made with Organic milk from grass fed cows
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Made with Real Fruit Purees & Concentrates
  • Contains Live Active cultures
  • NO added flavors or colors
  • NO thickeners or stabilizers
  • Plain Drinkable Yogurt with NO Sugar added