Trickling Springs Creamery’s Farm Fresh Pastured Butter

“How is your butter made?”

I was recently asked this on our Facebook page by a fan, so follow along with the story if you’re interested. :)

At Trickling Springs Creamery we buy our milk from local family farms. One of our requirements for our farmers is that the cows must be grass fed and fed on pasture during the grass growing season. The milk that cows produce from eating fresh grass during the summer, and stored grass during the winter is very rich in vitamins and beta carotene! Butter made from this milk has a rich yellow hue (pic 1) and of course rich in nutritional goodness!

After our milk is pasteurized we send it through a cream separator which uses centrifugal force (spinning) to separate the cream from the skim milk. Some of this cream is then sold as heavy cream, some of it is used in our super premium ice cream and a lot of it goes into our farm fresh butter. To make the butter we take this cream and pour it into a drum (pic 2) that has paddles on the walls to break the spinning of the cream. What happens next is magic, the fat molecules in the cream start to break away (pic 3) from the water in the milk. This is the point that butter is made, we then rinse the butter to wash off any milk residue. If we are making salted butter we now add Celtic Sea Salt and spin the drum a few more times to completely mix the salt into the butter. The butter is then taken out of the churn and pressed into 20 pound blocks for restaurant and bakery use, 1 pound and ½ pound tubs and 1 pound wax wrapped blocks for retail sale.

Grass fed nutrient rich butter from Trickling Springs Creamery

It is that simple, we still use the old fashioned methods to separate, churn and pack the butter; of course the machines are slightly larger since we’re not just producing it for our family or local neighborhood anymore. But we still believe that simple is the best, which is why we will continue to offer butter made with the simplest ingredient: Cream. And we will use the highest quality salt in our salted butter: Celtic Sea Salt.

To learn more about the specific details of what makes our butter unique, beyond our manufacturing process, check out our butter page here: Farm Fresh Butter

Thanks for your interest into how Trickling Springs Creamery butter is made.

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