What is CreamLine Milk?

Glass bottled non-homogenized milk. We call our non-homogenized milk CreamLine Milk, the cream is allowed to rise to the top forming a cream “line”.

First let me explain homogenization. Homogenization is the process of breaking down the fat molecules found in milk to keep them suspended. Before homogenization these fat molecules are found mixed throughout the milk, after an hour of sitting they start rising to the surface forming cream at the top. After milk is pasteurized (heated to kill the bacteria) the milk is typically run through a machine called a homogenizer, here the milk is forced with high pressure through fine screens which break the fat molecules down and keeps the cream suspended in the milk. This process was introduced in the late 1800’s to standardize milk flavors and make milk easier to drink, many people like the convenience of not having to shake the milk to mix the cream back into the milk before drinking. Homogenization is not done for a health reason; it is completely safe to drink milk that has not been homogenized. Some people enjoy the smoother, even texture of homogenization.

When you want to drink our CreamLine (non-homogenized) milk, shake the milk vigorously to mix the cream back into a liquid form, it may taste a bit thicker but overall it will be much like our homogenized milk that you may be used to drinking. Why do we offer CreamLine Milk? One of Trickling Springs Creamery’s goals is to bring you the freshest milk available just the way your family wants it. Many people enjoy the option of having the milk processed as little as possible, homogenization is an optional process that is not required by law and allows you to enjoy milk that has gone through one less process. Some believe that the non-homogenized tastes better and others believe leaving the molecules whole makes it easier for the body to digest the milk fat.

Whichever way you want it we are offering the homogenized and CreamLine options with the same great fresh milk, so it’s your choice. If you haven’t tried our Whole or 2% CreamLine milk you need to find out what you’ve been missing, talk to your local retailer about carrying it. Try some today!

Trickling Springs Creamery Non-homogenized milk
Watch my posting next week for tips to mixing in the cream once the cream hardens!

Thanks for your interest and support of local dairies,

19 Responses to “What is CreamLine Milk?”

  • Nura:

    Your milk is the absolute BEST milk ever…is it pasteurized and if so, is it heated to the same temps as more commercial milks? I’m wondering if one of the reasons I love the flavor is due to lack of pasteurization? Thanks.

  • Joe:

    Thanks Nura! Our milk is pasteurized but as you questioned, it is not heated to the same temps as conventional commercial milk. You can read about this on our production page here.

  • Mindy:

    Or, instead of shaking, just get a spoonful of cream off the top for your coffee. Yummmmm….

  • Janelle:

    You can also use the cream that collects on the top to “butter” your toast in the morning!

  • Justin:

    Hey just wanted to let you guys know I love your milk. I currently am getting 1 gallon of pure raw organic milk from Winchester,VA and when I run I get your milk to last until my next gallon of raw milk. I hope to soon get 2 gallons of raw a week but it is expensive. I really wish you guys sold raw milk. Always your a good company and the only milk I drink thats not completely raw.

  • Joe:

    Thanks Justin!

  • Ash:

    I grew up in India where most milk is not homogenized. Since the last 15 years I have been in the US, my abdomen was always bloated – especially after drinking milk. 12 years ago, I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant and had to give up dairy altogether. Then one fine day I discovered your creamline milk and I must admit I bought it for its glass bottle appeal. I had a glass and surprise surprise no bloating! Then it all clicked to me – it was the homogenization which was the cause of my problems and not lactose intolerance. Since I gave up dairy, I have accumulated many nutritional deficiencies with negative effects on my health. Thanks to you, I have been able to incorporate dairy back in my diet. I have been drinking the creamline milk daily for about a month now and I can feel some positive effects on my health. Thank You!!!

  • Christine:

    Your Cream Line Milk is amazing! I have never been a fan of milk unless it was raw but I love your milk; glad I tried it! The cream line also makes some amazing paneer cheese.

  • Jennifer:

    Love your Milk and Heavy Cream. So grateful to be able to find it at my local Mom’s!

  • kc:

    I discovered your milk when Whole Foods came to town. I have to tell you that our family has a new found love for milk again! Before finding your milk, we bought organic, but your milk tastes so amazingly fresh. Thank you for an amazing product and for treating your animals so humanely.

  • Ram:

    Is it possible to make Heavy Cream from the cream line whole milk? I understand that leaving this milk in a bowl in the refrigerator should get the cream on the top that can then be skimed, but would that be really heavy cream? or is it soemthing that requires special machinery (like the commerical centrifuges) to make heavy cream?.
    Any feedback is appreciated!

  • Joe:

    That is correct. You would then have Heavy Cream. The longer you let it sit the higher in butterfat it will be.
    The reason it gets hard is because you are actually at a higher butterfat percentage than heavy cream which stays fairly liquid.

    Our heavy cream is not homogenized so it will at times start getting a Cream top to it as well which is just some of the fat separating to the top.

  • Marcy:

    LITERALLY the best tasting milk!!! I’m constantly running to the market to stock up cause in my house this milk doesn’t last! Lol

  • cheryl:

    Thank you for the cream line milk. I have always had lactose problems and was not able to drink milk. I was at whole foods and saw the fancy glass bottle and tried it, no gas, no bloating. I love the whole milk taste. I have to travel to whole foods on the other side of long island but itis worth it. Soo happy since I always loved milk.

  • carl:

    You all should package the creamline in large wide mouth jars. It would be really nice to be able to get a ladle into the bottle to skim cream (as opposed to pouring it into a bowl).

  • Patsy:

    Back in the mid 1970’s, the family would fight over this milk. It had that rich cream on the top. Most of the time the milk man would still be at the front door while I was shaking up a bottle and turning it up. We loved it and there isn’t anything better. Being back in Georgia now is ok, but I really miss this milk.

  • Marcy T:

    The suggestion to use an immersion blender is interesting. However, isn’t this the same as homogenizing?

  • eddie pr:

    I have purchased two bottles and the next chance I get I will purchase yet another.Love this milk,great taste and smooth .Great for coffee ,smoothies and to mix with coconut milk.I love the glass bottle.

  • Natalia:

    We really like your cream line milk. Thank you very much.

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