Frequently Asked Questions

What is your phone number?
We would love to hear from you. You can email us through our Contact Page or call us at 717-709-0711.

Can I recycle your glass bottles or where should I return them?
PLEASE, DO NOT throw away or recycle Trickling Springs FarmFriend or Trickling Springs Organic milk bottles! They can be reused. When you purchased the milk you most likely paid a $2 bottle deposit. Return the bottle to any store that sells our milk in the glass bottles for a full bottle deposit refund. You can find the store closest to you that offers our products at: Product Locator

Do you pasteurize your milk?
Yes, all of our milk is pasteurized according to federal standards and is safe for all to enjoy. We use a low-temp pasteurization heating the milk to 161° F – 165° F for 15 seconds and immediately cool the milk below 40° F. This process has proven to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens but does not cook the life out of the milk. Because of our low-temp pasteurization we do not have the long shelf life many dairies place on their milk. We sell our milk regionally so we can focus on the taste and nutrients instead of trying to ship it across the country.

What is CreamLine Milk?
Trickling Springs Organic and Trickling Springs FarmFriend CreamLine milk is milk that has not been homogenized. Milk fresh from the cow will naturally separate with the cream rising to the top. Homogenization is the process of breaking those fat molecules into very small pieces so they will not separate. Our CreamLine milk has not been homogenized and instead is left to naturally separate creating a Line of Cream at the top of the bottle. Shake the bottle (the best way is to rock the bottle) and mix the milk back in to enjoy.

Do you offer anything besides Whole Milk?
Yes we do! We bottle Whole, 2% and Nonfat milk as well as several flavored milks and creams. When you are looking at our glass bottles the type of milk is printed on the cap label. However, once you start buying our milk you will quickly be able to identify the milk you wish to purchase by the color of the cap. We use the same color for our Trickling Springs Organic & Trickling Springs FarmFriend glass bottled milk.

White – Whole CreamLine (Non-Homogenized) Milk
Red – Whole Homogenized Milk
Light sky blue – 2% CreamLine Milk
Blue – 2% Homogenized Milk
Green – Nonfat Milk
Bronze – Chocolate Milk
White – Dark Chocolate Milk
Clear – Half & Half
Cream – Heavy Cream
Gold – Egg Nog

Do you sell Raw Milk?
No I’m sorry we don’t offer any raw milk for sale. We do however process Truly Raw Milk Cheeses. Milk for our raw milk cheeses is never heated above 102° F and is aged 60 plus days.

Do you add Vitamin A or D to your milk?
We do add Vitamin A & D to our Reduced Fat (2%) milk and Nonfat milk. Our goal has always been to offer you fresh grass-fed dairy products as minimally processed and altered as possible. This is why we do NOT add any vitamins to our Whole milk. Vitamin A & D is naturally found in the milk fat and we are not required by law to add it so we bottle our Whole Milk fresh without any additives.

Where can I find nutritional information for your milk?
You can find all of our nutritional information here: Nutritional Information

Are there any peanuts in your plant?
Yes. We use peanuts in several of our ice creams. This is kept in a separate room from our milk processing area. While we take every precaution to avoid cross-contamination, we use peanuts in various forms in our some of our ice creams. If you allergic to peanuts or any tree nuts, then we must recommend you refrain from enjoying our ice cream.

Do you have gluten-free ice cream?
Yes, we do! Visit our ice cream page to see a full listing of the flavors we offer including which ones are gluten free.

Is your milk gluten-free?
Milk is naturally gluten free and we use no stabilizers or thickeners that contain gluten.

What kind of cows do you have?
We purchase our milk from a community of family farms that we set high standards for.  Our farms do not have all Jerseys but we do require them to have a majority of heritage breed cows.  This would be older breeds such as Jerseys, Dutch Belted, Guernsey, Red Swiss, etc… Most of our farms are predominately Jersey cows but we we also have a few Holstein cows mixed into the herds.

Learn more about our community of family farms at

Do you offer tours of your plant?
Due to space constraints within our current plant we cannot offer tours through our production plant. If you visit we do have a large viewing window in our Creamery Store where you can watch the milk being bottled in our returnable glass bottles. Production is in process most weeks Monday through Friday, if you want to be sure to see activity we recommend calling ahead. We can offer limited tours of our farms.  If you would like to see if any tours are available please email us at

Do you offer home delivery?
We do not but we have several great companies that offer this service and sell our milk. Visit our home delivery page to see if any service your area.

Do you offer online ordering?
I’m sorry but we are currently not set up for shipping products.

Where can I find your products?
Visit our product locator page for an easy search for the closest retail location to you.