Loren Nolt (Tree Top Dairy) – Interview

Hi Loren, Thank you for supplying Trickling Springs Creamery and our customers with your delicious, grass-fed milk! Would you mind answering some questions for our customers?
No, I’m happy to answer what I can.

When did you start farming on your own farm?
I started raising chickens and raising beef cattle here in 2010. However, I always wanted to eventually milk cows so in 2013 we got our first dairy cows and started milking.

When did you get your cows?
We shipped our first load of milk in April 2013. That first load went to Trickling Springs Creamery.

How many cows do you have?
We have twenty one cows that we milk seasonally from mid-March to the end of December. The cows then can rest until they have a calf again mid-March or the beginning of April.

Do you have other animals on your farm?
Through the summer we raise chickens and turkeys in our pastures.

You became a Certified Organic farm in 2013 then?
Yes, the farm didn’t have herbicides or pesticides used on the farm for at least 10 or more years before that. All I basically had to do was fill out the paperwork.

What would you say is the biggest challenge in farming without chemicals?
I would say the biggest challenge is not being able to go out into the field and spot spray for weeds. For instance, if I have a thistle patch in the field I could go out and kill it. Spraying it would take care of it for awhile but understand that managing the pastures correctly will take care of it long term. There’s a reason that thistle patch is there because the land wasn’t taken care of properly in the first place.

So you started farming fairly recently on this farm but you were farming with your Dad from a young age correct? Yes, I grew up on a farm. As far back as I can remember we farmed without chemicals. That’s the only way I remember farming. What is one of your earliest memories on the farm? Probably the earliest memory I have was the last year my Dad raised corn on the farm. I was too young to help but I remember them putting up the corn. After that he switched to grazing.

Tell us a bit about your family. How many children do you have?
My wife and I have two boys.
What is your greatest enjoyment in farming?
I love milking the cows. It’s rewarding seeing the thing you’ve been working for going into the tank for your truck to pick up. I also love the spring time, seeing the cows out on fresh green pasture with their glossy hair coats and the warm sunshine. They just look happy!

You live up near Newville, PA. Can people visit your farm if they wish to?
Yes, I wouldn’t mind if someone wanted to come out and visit the cows. If you want to visit Loren Nolt’s farm email us at tours@tricklingspringscreamery.com and we’ll be happy to arrange a tour for you.

Thank you very much for your time and for the delicious milk that you supply us from your Jersey cows. We love being able to bring our customers closer to the source of their food. This is where the real magic happens! If it weren’t for the work and attention you put into those cows, the milk would not be the same.

Loren’s farm is featured on our Organic Buttermilk Berry Ice Cream.