Our History

Trickling Springs Creamery was founded in 2001 by two friends who aimed to produce fresh, exceptional- tasting dairy products while promoting local farmers doing an excellent job with their farms. The founders started by establishing strict guidelines for the family farms producing their milk. The farmers were required to maintain grass-fed, heritage breed cows, produce very clean milk (as measured by SCC & SPC counts), and use no synthetic hormones. The founders offered to pay farmers above average prices for maintaining these high standards. Trickling Springs Creamery would then process the milk as minimally as allowed by law. These principles are still followed and in many cases have been strengthened to more strict standards of feeding and sustainability.


While we hold strict standards for our community of family farms the story doesn’t end there.  We aim to deliver you the best product possible and that means processing it as minimally as possible.  All of our fresh milk is pasteurized with a low-temp pasteurization (165*F for 15 seconds) and immediately cooled below 40*F.  The whole milk is bottled with NO additives or vitamins but is bottled just as you expect it – as close to raw as possible.  We even offer it without any homogenization (Cream Line milk).  If you prefer skim milk, you will certainly enjoy our nonfat milk.  Our Nonfat milk is not reconstituted, and with its naturally higher proteins (from grass fed cows) you will notice the richer, fuller taste of our nonfat milk. We use no stabilizers or thickeners in our Half & Half or Heavy Cream.  In 2013 we took carrageenan out of our Egg Nog and Ice Cream.  By mid-2016 we will no longer be using carrageenan in any of our products. All our products are processed without any added colors or artificial flavors.

We have a dedicated crew of 30 people working in our production hall who love to hear when you enjoy our products.  Drop us a line through our “Contact Page,” and we’ll make sure they see it.  Please identify which of our products is your favorite.

Our Values

Trickling Springs Creamery’s mission is to serve our communities with the finest artisan dairy foods while promoting healthy happy cows, farmer sustainability, employee wellness, environmental stewardship, and quality food.  We connect a community of family farmers and the products they produce with consumers who care about the source and values of the food that they eat.

Since our founding in 2001, we have required our farmers to have a pasture grass-based farm. Although this has been a relatively uncommon way to dairy, we know it is the way it should be. Over the years, the benefits of pastured-based farming have been shown in study after study. We are grateful today for the demand consumers have shown for sustainable healthy farming. We also offer our milk in returnable glass bottles. Estimates show that one reusable bottle saves approximately 40 single-use containers from being thrown away! Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

We believe our cows should be treated as the mothers they are.  We ask our community of family farms to give their cows access to pasture year round so if the weather is nice they get to enjoy the outdoors where they love to be.  We set strict standards concerning what the cows are fed and their health.

Whether it is family on the farm, a farm hand, or company employee, we believe each integral role should be respected for its contribution. Trickling Springs Creamery offers a vibrant, invigorating workplace with opportunities for growth and advancement. We highly value family and put family first by offering flexible schedules that allow our employees to be at home for the important events in their lives! If you are interested in learning more, visit our Employment page.

From its founding, Trickling Springs Creamery has been committed to offering products with the most minimal processing possible. We have received the ” BEST FOR THE WORLD” designation by HowGood due to our minimally processed products. Trickling Springs’ whole milks have no added vitamins. All our milk is minimally pasteurized with a low-temp(161°F) pasteurization, and we offer our Whole CreamLine milk without homogenization.

We believe our farmers should be paid well  for holding the high standards we have set for them and our consumers expect from them.We believe our farmers should be paid well for holding to the higher standards we set for them and our consumers expect from them. This higher compensation for our family farmers is tied to our suggested retail market price. We are partners with our farmers, and our customers can be sure that our farmers benefit directly from any increase in the store price of our products