Consumers have been asking for cleaner artisan products everywhere but they’re demanding it more and more from locations that want to serve them prepared food.  Even fast food markets are being scrutinized for the ingredients in their foods.  Trickling Springs Creamery has been ahead of that curve in offering artisan products with simple ingredients from grass fed cows. Our farmers grass feed their cows and hold to high standards of animal welfare, eco-sustainability, and milk quality.  We highlight their milk by minimally processing it and using simple ingredients in the food products we produce.  Our artisan SoftServe ice cream is made with clean ingredients and contains no carrageenan, sugar syrups, added color, or artificial flavors!  Made from scratch ourselves it is offered at a 4% or 8% butterfat level.  Other products available for any foodservice application include:

Organic & Non-GMO frozen yogurt bases.
Organic & Non-GMO Bag-in-box milks
Bulk Non-GMO Cheeses
Bulk tubs of Hard Serve Ice Cream


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  • Clean, artisan foodservice foods
  • Grass Fed Cows
  • Non-GMO and/or Certified Organic
  • Farm to table!
  • Trickling Springs Frozen Yogurt Base
  • Trickling Springs SoftServe ice cream
  • Trickling Springs Organic Bag-in-box milk
  • Trickling Springs FarmFriend Bag-in-box milk
  • Trickling Springs Organic Bulk Cheese
  • Trickling Springs FarmFriend Cow Bulk Cheese
  • Trickling Springs FarmFriend Ice Cream