Trickling Springs FarmFriend Dark Chocolate Milk (Seasonal)

Available October – February


Do you prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate? Do you enjoy the slight bitterness of genuine dark cocoa? Pour yourself a glass of our dark chocolate milk today and enjoy the decadence of dark chocolate in a bottle. Made with Fair Trade Cocoa and genuine Belgium Chocolate this product is often compared to a fine European sipping chocolate. Indeed, you will find a lot of pleasure sipping a glass of our FarmFriend Dark Chocolate with a friend



  • Reduced fat dark chocolate milk
  • Made with FarmFriend milk from grass fed cows
  • Non-GMO milk & sugar
  • Reduced added sugar allows for the natural bitterness of the cocoa to be highlighted
  • Made with genuine Belgium Chocolate
  • Made with Fair Trade Cocoa

Available in:
12oz plastic bottled
Quart plastic bottled
Quart glass bottled