Trickling Springs Creamery Extends Regional Model for Grass-Fed, Organic Dairy beyond Mid-Atlantic

The company is happy to announce its new lease on a family farm and second processing plant in southeastern Missouri; the 350 organic milking cows it has purchased will supply the Midwest and Southeast regions of the country with farm-direct milk.

CHAMBERSBURG, PA, April 29, 2014 – Trickling Springs Creamery, the Pennsylvania-based company beloved by residents of the Mid-Atlantic for its high quality milk, cream, butter, ice cream, yogurt and cheese will offer grass-fed dairy products from its new farm in Koshkonong, MO. In accordance with their long held values, the farm is 100% grass-fed and Certified Organic. Milk and other dairy products will be sold in the Midwest and Southeast, while Mid-Atlantic markets will continue to enjoy fresh milk from cows in their own region.

“We firmly believe in the regionality of fresh milk, and have a strong commitment to fresh dairy products in each area we serve,” said Gerald Byers, Trickling Springs Creamery co-founder and owner.

Operated by Trent & Rachel Hendricks with their family and a dairy team, the newly acquired farm and production facilities will allow Trickling Springs Creamery to connect with surrounding farms and work with those interested in offering more organic, grass-fed dairy products to consumers in that region.

Aside from providing fresh milk and cream to the new region, milk from the Missouri farm will be used in the company’s small batch yogurt smoothies and artisan cheeses. The new facilities will allow the company to expand its offering of cultured dairy products, such as yogurt and kefir from both cow and goat milk. In the case of extreme drought or shortages, this milk will also provide a backup supply of certified organic, 100% grass-fed milk for the dairy’s longtime customers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

About Trickling Springs Creamery
Trickling Springs Creamery opened in 2001 to provide fresh, wholesome dairy products using milk from local family farms that take the best care of their animals and land. Their grass-fed cows have access to pasture year round, and are not pushed in growth or production by synthetic hormones. Committed to traceability, their milk is not comingled, and doesn’t leave the company’s hands until it’s bottled. Information on products and more at

Joe Miller

*CORRECTION: The farm Trickling Springs Creamery has signed a lease on in Koshkonong, MO is not certified by the American Grassfed Association Program. We are in process of getting the farm certified but have not achieved certification yet. (Correction made at 6:39pm, 04/30/14)