Trickling Springs Creamery wins first place!

On July 31, 2014, Trickling Springs Creamery was awarded first place for their Unsweetened Plain Yogurt Smoothie in the Drinkable Yogurt/Buttermilk/Kefir category. This annual competition is held by American Cheese Society, the leading organization to promote American cheeses. The 2014 judging and awards ceremony was held in Sacramento, CA.

“We were honored to win this award and the recognition that comes with it,” said Joe Miller, Trickling Springs Creamery’s Marketing Manager. “The Unsweetened Plain Yogurt Smoothie is the basis for all of our yogurt smoothies. This gives recognition to the many hours our team put into creating a delicious yogurt drink and will hopefully give us the opportunity to expand availability of our Yogurt Smoothies in different regions and markets throughout this coming year.”

Trickling Springs Creamery buys all of their milk from a community of family farms in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern Missouri regions. All of our farmers grass feed their cows, and maintain high standards of care for their cows and for the ecological impact to their land and the watershed. The milk is minimally processed with low temp pasteurization and minimal ingredients, allowing the milk to naturally shine. Trickling Springs Creamery makes four flavored versions of their yogurt smoothies: Berry Banana, Mango Peach, Vanilla, and their latest flavor: Blueberry Tart, which is a blueberry and lemon flavor.